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USB VoIP Phone Gateway for SKYPE AU-600 AU600


PRICE:  $23.99


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USB Skype to Phone Gateway

Completely frees you from being tied to home to use Skype

USB Skype Phone Gateway
Product Features
As we know, Skype to Skype calls are free, no matter how far away between two computers. With AU-600, one may extend this free service to use any phone or your mobile phone.

AU600 supports call forwarding between Skype and PSTN (landline), and secondary dialing, in addition to enable using a cord/cordless phone to dial and receive Skype calls. A Skype callee is no need to stay home if an AU600 is installed, since the AU600 can forward Skype calls to any specified or arbitrary phone number via the PSTN connected. Vise versa, a Skype caller, if away from home, can still call Skype contacts via an AU600 and the PSTN attached.

Note: Calls through your PSTN are your local phone calls which may not be free by your local phone company.

au600 illustration diagram
  • Making and receiving PSTN calls using your home phone
  • Making and receiving Skype calls using your home phone
  • Forwarding Skype calls to your mobile phone or any specified or arbitrary phone number
  • Make Skype calls from your mobile phone if you are away from your computer
  • Switching between PSTN call and Skype call
  • Making 3 way- conference calls between PSTN and Skype
  • Support VoIP and Skype communication
  • Accessing Skype Voice Mail using your home phone
  • Automatically or manually recording your calls’ content
  • LED indicating working states

System Requirements
  • AU600 works with regular 32 bit Windows, including Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. It also works with 64 bit Windows XP
  • One available USB port on computer

Package Includes

  • USB Skype Gateway
  • USB connection cable
  • RJ-11 cord
  • CD (driver and manual)


PRICE:  $23.99


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